Upcoming Group Exposition: Drift & Migrate

Poster for The Algae Society & BioArt Design Lab Presents Drift & Migrate. Full text below.

November 6-20, 2019
Faculty of Fine Arts
Complutense University of Madrid

Opening Reception: Novemeber 6 at 3pm

Press Release:

THE ALGAE SOCIETY- BIOART AND DESIGN LAB presents its first exhibition in Spain by the Complutense Research Group “Art, Technology and Social Commitment – ARTECS”. This show is a continuation of the work of the Algae Society starting at the MOXI / The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara (California) from April through July 2019. This show includes students and professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in addition to the works carried out by the students of the subject “Art, Science and Nature” of the Master in Research, Art and Creation (MIAC) of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM, and the members of the ARTECS research group. The Complutense University of Madrid also welcomes work by artists and researchers from the Algae Society and from the University of California Santa Cruz, the University of North Carolina Wilmington and the University of Maine Intermedia MFA program.

The Algae Society is an international collective of artists and scientists who work on issues related to sustainability and the environment with the aim of highlighting the value of algae, the organisms that produce most of the oxygen we consume. Thus, from artistic practice and collaboration they develop exhibition projects that support the dissemination and knowledge of these organisms and the importance they have for life. The exhibition project “DRIFT AND MIGRATE” aims to show the impact of human activity on the marine environment through climate change and the consequent acidification of the oceans and how this, in turn, impacts the existence of algae directly or indirectly on the ecosystems and organisms with which they coexist, be they corals, marine plants or animals.

The exhibition has graphic works, photographs, interactive works, audiovisual installations and sculptural pieces that pose the personal vision of more than 50 artists from different parts of the world. The vision of The Algae Society is to propose projects that, with a marked international character, show problems related to these organisms both globally and locally to show that the conservation of marine ecosystems is an issue that concerns all humanity.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 6th to the 20th of November in the exhibition hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid.

For more information:


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